Institutions by Artists_Volume II now available

Fillip - Folios

This second volume of 'Institutions by Artists', edited by Jeff Khonsary and Antonia Pinter is now available for sale to ship worldwide.

Continuing the examination of artists' relationships to production, display and organizational structures started in volume one, this follow up volume offers a series case studies and investigations written by several contributing authors.

Contributions by:

  • Ken Becker
  • Matei Bejenaru
  • Tania Bruguera
  • Julia Bryan-Wilson
  • Dana Claxton
  • Christopher Cozier
  • Jeff Derksen
  • Sean Dockray
  • Dirk Fleischmann
  • Sam Gould
  • Candice Hopkins
  • Jesi Khadivi
  • Deirdre Logue
  • Sarah Lowndes
  • Jaleh Mansoor
  • Philip Monk
  • Post Brothers and Chris Fitzpatrick
  • Christopher Régimbal
  • Gregory Sholette
  • Slavs and Tatars
  • Claire Tancons
  • Tania Willard

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