Accessibility Toolkit

Developed by the School of Media Studies and Information Technology at Humber College, Tangled Art + Disability and in collaboration with disability-identified, Mad and Deaf Humber students and artists. The result is an accessible PDF resource of developing practices that informs and educates artists, arts organizations, curators, students, staff, and faculty on ways to incorporate accessibility into the presentation of art and design. The project provides practical guidelines around inclusion and access in art galleries and spaces. Download the accessibility toolkit by Humber College and Tangled Art + Disability (PDF)

Arts Build Ontario

Arts Build Ontario Accessibility in Creative Spaces Webinar Series & Toolkit. These resources feature innovative ideas and solutions to support creative spaces such as galleries, museums, theatres, and culture hubs in making their spaces more accessible. Access the ArtsBuild Accessibility in Creative Spaces webinar series & toolkit

Bodies in Translation

Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology, and Access to Life (BIT) is a multidisciplinary, university-community research project that at its core, aims to cultivate and research activist art.

Creative Users Project

Creative Users Project: Creative Users Projects is a shapeshifter, cultural connector, and sector builder of disability and difference in Canada.

Deaf Spectrum

Deaf Spectrum offers the accessible services, information, and resources available in American Sign Language (ASL) were lacking in Toronto, Ontario, and across Canada. Deaf Spectrum was established to support community services to become more accessible and inclusive. three main areas of focus: Arts, Access, and Education.

Expanding the Arts

Expanding the Arts: A Guidebook for Working with Artists who are Deaf or have Disabilities. The Canada Council for the Arts has produced a guidebook for organizations working with people who are Deaf or who have disabilities. The guidebook contains terminology, tips, and best practices for organizations that are working to increase the participation of people with disabilities in their work and programming: Accessing the Expanding the Arts guidebook (PDF)

GeneratorTO: Artist Producer Resource

GeneratorTO: Artist Producer Resource: a resource for the performing arts community in Canada. The generator has gathered tips, tricks, and best practices for producing live performances in Canada and put them together in one place. Check out their Accessibility section for resources to help make your performances accessible for artists and audiences, and more. Visit GeneratorTO’s Artist Producer Resource

Inclusive Design Research Centre

Inclusive Design Research Centre is an international community of open source developers, designers, researchers, educators, and co-designers who work together to proactively ensure that emerging technology and practices are designed inclusively.

ODSP & Arts Grants Coalition

(Ontario Disability Support Program)— made up of individual artists who have disabilities and are on ODSP as well as representatives from ACTRA Toronto, the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association, CARFAC Ontario, the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC), the Media Arts Network of Ontario (MANO-RAMO), the Ontario Arts Council, the ODSP Action Coalition, ReelAbilities Toronto, Tangled Art + Disability, the Toronto Arts Council, and Workman Arts — advocated for these changes in 2018 and created an ODSP and Arts Grants information booklet that explains how ODSP treats arts grants to help ensure that funds are assessed fairly.

Copies of the ODSP and Arts Grants booklet are available to download in either English or French. 

Tangled Art & Disability

Tangled Art & Disability is a site of political engagement for disability arts and culture.